June 14, 2021

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Fortwix Uses Technology for Better Service

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Fortwix Uses Technology for Better Service

Fierce competition in the retail industry requires business owners to find an edge. For order fulfillment companies that work with business owners to get products to consumers swiftly, cost-effectively, and accurately, the solution is grounded in technology.

Fortwix knows that to remain relevant and be a leader in the order fulfillment industry it has to incorporate technology and make it an integral part of its operation.

Adapt or Fail

“Businesses have two simple choices: either adapt with the change or fade away into oblivion,” the company states on its website at Fortwix.com.

The company, owned by Lab Tech, has quickly adjusted to the revolution of technology. It has merged the expertise of its staff with technology, such as Neural Net, AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, to create an operation for success.

The technology the company has installed empowers clients. The software also helps to streamline processing time for getting products to consumers. Fortwix also uses technology to predict the supply and demand needs of clients’ products. The tool gives clients a competitive advantage.

Benefits of Technology

Like Fortwix, other order fulfillment providers have turned to advanced technology to help clients achieve their business goals and gain leverage, especially in the e-commerce market.

For example, Red Stag Fulfillment uses technology to reduce error rates. And the system allows clients to keep tabs on products, track orders, and make the order fulfillment process more transparent.

At ShipMonk, the company uses software to manage inventory, handle returned products, and track product orders. The technology provides clients insights from analyzing revenue data and monitoring shipping status in real-time.

And at eFulfillment Service, clients use the technology to check on inventory, orders, as well as shipments. Clients can create new orders, view existing orders, forecast inventory, check returns, manage shopping cart integrations, receive low inventory alerts, and generate detailed reports.

Improved Workforce Output

At Fortwix, clients get extensive access to technology that complements any workforce and increases workforce productivity, saving money and time.

The company’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform helps clients improve processes, identify bottlenecks, eliminate roadblocks and come up with valuable alternatives.

Machine Learning is an application of artificial intelligence that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve.

This software focuses on the development of computer programs that can access data and use it to learn for themselves, thus helping clients be more efficient and profitable.

Similar to ShipMonk, eFulfillment Service, and Red Stag Fulfillment, Fortwix uses technology to handle logistics, monitor warehouses, manage inventory, forecast demand and supply, and alerts clients when anything goes wrong.

Fortwix works with its clients to make sure they see the advantages of embracing technology. The company’s expert staff assess the needs of prospective business clients, survey their business, and recommend relevant technology and services.

And the company continues to add and update its operations with new technology and software to see how these innovations can add even more value to its operations and clients’ success.

“The extreme agility and applicability of AI can transform almost any given aspect of your business,” the company website states.