Domain User Logged In - Suddenly Local Drives (D Drive) Not accessible
I am facing this issue for 2 - 3 users for past few days. I have gone thru few discussions / forums. However, all the steps are unsuccessful. Below are the steps which I tried.

1. Changing D drive letter to H
2. Added Domain Users under Drive Owners / Containers
3. Policy Update Done
4. Rejoined as Domain Member
5. Completed Malwarebytes / Norton Power Eraser / Microsoft Safety Scanner and noticed NO VIRUS or MALWARES detected
6. Restarted PC. All theses steps are unsuccessful.

However, I have tried to re-add the user on Domain Controller and verified. User was able to access D Drive. Yes, I can go ahead and do that but each and every time if any other user facing this issue, again I need to re-add and this is not a correct solution. Please let me know if anybody come across this issue and have any fix. I am also trying to get this done asap.