Hi All,

I am just happy to share my issue and discussions from various perpective helps all of us to arrow down to fix issue and something / someone might be beneficial because of these kind of discussions. Hope you all like it.

I am trying to create a batch / vbs script file to run an EXE file (Norton Power Eraser - Filename NPE.exe)

I have created a batch file as below:

start "<network path\<Filename.exe>" and this works via GPO but too slow for startup logon.

So, I have created a vbs file and attached screen shots via below link which has vbs scripts configuration which I have tried.

I have applied this VBS file on startup logon, however it is not running and seen an error and error attached with the link.

Basically, I want to run Norton Power Eraser tool for all machines via Startup Logon as a test phase.  

Further to the successful GPO via startup logon, I will look for Task Scheduler.

Please refere to the screen shots and let me know if there is any syntax error on scripts.

Also in client machine I have done rsop.msc and I can see the script as well.

Thanks Again.