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Jeanie Smith
Jeanie Smith
Meet Jeanie

Jeanie sees the needs of our community every day in her classroom. She also sees how education provides opportunity for all. 

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Marriott International

Marriott International makes it easy for travel agents to do business by offering:

  • Superior worldwide toll-free reservation services
  • Real-time, two-way links to virtually all our hotels worldwide (provides you with the same view of rates and availability that our own hotels view)
  • Links to the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) that represent the highest level of connectivity
  • Help desks and negotiated rates loading of multiple hotel chains
  • Fast, reliable reservation system

Marriott participates in the following GDS:


Abacus   Apollo   Falcon   Galileo

Amadeus   AXESS   Fantasia   Sabre


Marriott International brands, partners and businesses are in the GDS systems under the following chain codes:

All Marriott Brands   EM

Marriott Hotels, Resorts and Suites   MC

Renaissance Hotels and Resorts   BR

  1. Courtyard by Marriott   CY
  2. Fairfield Inn by Marriott   FN
  3. Residence Inn by Marriott   RC
  4. TownePlace Suites by Marriott   TO
  5. SpringHill Suites by Marriott   XV
  6. Marriott Conference Centers   ET
  7. Marriott Vacation Club International   MB
  8. Ramada International   NR
  9. Ritz-Carlton Hotels   RZ

Need Help

Need to load a negotiated rate?

Check on a format?

Questions about a reservation? You can reach us by:


Amadeus QE/OMAMC9100/97

Apollo QEM/QFB.

Galileo QEM/QFB


Worldspan QEM/MCQ

Queuing us via the GDS

Faxing us at (402) 391-6010

Call any of our worldwide reservation offices

Calling our Travel Services line at 1-800-831-3100 in the U.S./Canada

Via our travel agent page on


"Seamless" availability links enable you to view the most up-to-date rates, rate descriptions, rules and availability in the same "reader friendly" language as our reservation agents view. In the past, hotel responses were based on information that was loaded in the GDS's hotel databases, often represented by cryptic codes. Now, Marriott provides you with seamless availability links by returning hotel information directly to you from our own reservation system. Rates displayed in the availability link are based on sell strategy, designed so a hotel can easily present the best rates that are available for a specific date. Availability links present these rates in the same order as our reservation agents view them in our own system. These best rates may include a choice of:

  • Breakfast inclusive
  • Advance purchase
  • Concierge/executive club
  • Long-term stays and packages

When specifically requested, rates for a negotiated account will appear before the sell strategy rates.

To reduce your chances of receiving "unable to confirm" responses we encourage you to use your availability link (DCA-SABRE, Inside Availability-Galileo/Apollo, Worldspan-Hotel Source, Amadeus-Complete Access Plus) for the most up-to-date availability and rate offerings.

Marriott International and the Marriott family of brands are pleased to announce another first: the introduction of Alternate Availability functionality in Apollo/Galileo. Apollo/Galileo is the third GDS to offer Alternate Availability and Marriott International is pleased to be the launch partner—we were first to participate with Alternate Availability in Worldspan in 1996, and also first in Sabre in 1998.

For those who are not familiar with Alternate Availability, following is a mini-primer for Apollo/Galileo (Sabre agents, please see keyword "Alternate" in DRS for more information; Worldspan agents please see keyword "Source" in GRS):

Alternate Availability functionality enables you to easily book an alternate property if your initial sell request is not successful. In Apollo/Galileo, if you attempt an HOC for a property and the hotel is *not* available, you will get a new screen display–HOP–hotel other property–and a message indicating:

"Hotel requested not available"

Followed by up to three available alternate hotels from the Marriott family of brands, with the mileage and direction from the originally-requested hotel listed for each alternate. These can include:

BRRenaissance Hotels, Resorts & Suites
CYCourtyard by Marriott
ETMarriott Conference Centers
FNFairfield Inn by Marriott
MCMarriott Hotels, Resorts & Suites
NRRamada International Hotels and Resorts
RCResidence Inn by Marriott
RZThe Ritz-Carlton
TOTownePlace Suites by Marriott
XVSpringHill Suites by Marriott

To select a hotel from the HOP display, simply enter the line number of the hotel you want in the HOC field. This will generate the "Inside Availability" display for the alternate hotel.

We believe this enhancement will make it easier for you to sell hotels in Apollo/Galileo. We would like to know what you think of Alternate Availability–please contact us at QEM/QFB.


Jeanie Smith For Kentucky

Jeanie Smith For Kentucky

Jeanie believes that when families have good jobs with fair wages, affordable healthcare and housing, and successful schools, they can thrive. As a working mother, Jeanie knows the challenges facing our families and will work to help families achieve the American dream.

  • Create comprehensive tax reform that eases the tax burden from the middle class
  • Create a better way of life by raising wages
  • Ensure healthcare is affordable and accessible for all Kentuckians
  • Strengthen and support our schools

Jeanie sees the needs of our community every day in her classroom. She also sees how education provides opportunity for all. The lack of funding for our public schools, from preschool to higher education, is stealing the future away from our children. And to make matters even more grave, her opponent has championed charter schools, which will take more funding from our schools that we already know and love, allowing businesses to make money off the backs of our children. There will not be a better advocate for public education, teachers, and children than Jeanie.

  • Prioritize education by fully funding our schools
  • Protect teacher and state employee pensions
  • Evaluate effectiveness of state testing and mandated instructional time
  • Work to make our schools safe from violence and drugs

When lawmakers repealed Prevailing Wage and passed Right to Work, workers in Warren County saw their paychecks shrink. Many laborers have lost thousands of dollars in wages due to this harmful legislation. As a concerned citizen, Jeanie has fought for the rights of workers in the Fiscal Court, as well as in the halls of Frankfort. Now she’s ready to fight for us in the Senate Chamber!

  • Reinstate Prevailing Wage
  • Repeal Right to Work
  • Raise the minimum wage
  • Protect unions and the rights of workers

Currently, there are only four women serving in our State Senate.This past year when the GOP leadership threatened to take away Community Education funding, Jeanie knew how that would hurt families and single mothers who rely on this program for childcare, because her family relies on it too. It’s time for our voice to be at the table. Having experienced complicated pregnancies, Jeanie understands many of the healthcare concerns that women face and wants to work for real solutions for women, like affordable birth control, childcare and healthcare. And it’s time for equal pay for women and improved maternity leave.

  • Improve maternity leave requirements
  • Institute universal pre-K and create affordable childcare options
  • Ensure women have healthcare that is affordable and accessible
  • Require equal pay for equal work

Jeanie is an advocate for small businesses, farmers, and modernized infrastructure. By supporting local residents and industries, she will ensure that our economy is strong and healthy and that small businesses can prosper. We can have a robust economy that creates well-paying jobs for the folks who are working hard, not just the very wealthy elite. Jeanie will work to improve the accessibility of technical and vocational training programs, so that high school graduates as well as non-traditional students, have opportunities for success.

  • Revive and support the local farming industry
  • Simplify the tax code for small businesses
  • Create clear and accessible pathways to good jobs
  • Invest in infrastructure, including internet that reaches every part of the county
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