July 17, 2024

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Help! Where Can I Find the Best College Advisors?

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Help! Where Can I Find the Best College Advisors?

Applying for college can be a huge step in your young life. As you approach your senior year of high school, the college admissions process is staring you right in the face. No matter what your strengths are or how confident you feel, it can definitely be beneficial to speak with a college consultant or advisor to help you with your unique applications. But where should you start looking to find these helpful college coaches?

There are plenty of different services and offerings that you can explore to find the best college advisor for you. A quick internet search, checking in at your high school, or asking around for word-of-mouth suggestions can all be great ways to find the best college counselor to help with your individual admissions process. Once you meet with them once, you’ll know if they can help you with your journey and aid you in getting into your dream school. Here are some suggestions to help you find the top college advisors for your needs.

Search Online For Professional College Counseling.

Thanks to the power of the internet, there are tremendous resources online to help with your college counseling. Sites like Empowerly can help you get connected with the best college advisors for your passions and needs. You can connect with these individuals through personal calls or email correspondence. Find the perfect person that will help you build those relationships with the college admissions team while empowering you to grow your resume and application skills. They’re right at your fingertips when you search for help online.

Explore Options That Your High School Provides.

Most high schools across the country will have a counseling team that is there to help you with any of your personal needs. In addition to counselors who help you put your schedule together or work through difficult moments, you should see if there is a college advisor available to you. This is often a free service provided by the school to help you get into your dream school, help with test prep, offer scholarship advice, and more. Seniors and younger students alike can take advantage of these services to help on their college journey.

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Find A College Advisor That Works In Your Niche Area Or Concerns.

You may be searching for a college advisor because you have specific aspirations in college. If you want to get into a highly-selective school or go for a competitive, niche program like theatre or engineering, you may want admissions consultants with years of experience in that area. They’ll know exactly what the college admissions committee will be looking for and they can help you stand out with your application.

Beyond niche programs, you may even have a niche concern with your application itself. You may be great with standardized tests, but horrible when it comes to resume building. Or maybe you know how to write a killer essay but tend to stumble during a live interview. Great college advisors specialize in different areas and can help you handle whatever concerns you have with your applications.

Ask Around And See Who Else Has Used Professional Services.

It may seem like a basic piece of advice, but you can find great college advisors by simply asking other people who have been through the process. See how successful they were and if your peers enjoyed working with that specific advisor. Beyond just checking their credentials, this will give you a clear idea of how well you’ll work with that consultant on your college admissions process. After all, this is a personal journey, so you want an advisor who will be with you every step of the way to help you find the right fit for you.