July 17, 2024

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Keep Your Convertible Soft Top In Great Condition With These Simple Replacement Tips!

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Keep Your Convertible Soft Top In Great Condition With These Simple Replacement Tips!

Convertible tops make life easier on hot days, but they can also wear out over time. To keep them in good condition, it’s important to learn how to clean convertible tops the right way or, even better.

Your convertible top’s durability is not that impressive compared to other automobile surfaces. However, it holds up extremely well. The convertible top of your car is technically unique because it is constructed from various materials than the rest of the vehicle. It therefore requires specialized care, which varies slightly depending on the type of fabric or vinyl that the top is made with.

Initially created to copy the appearance of leather, vinyl tops have a distinctive shine in contrast to the muted texture of fabric tops. A plastic surface is smoother, harder, and easier to clean than cloth. If a vinyl top deteriorates or is damaged, it needs to be replaced; it is not easily repairable. When treated more gently, a cloth tablecloth is likely to be more durable and easier to repair than vinyl. Both have suffered from sun damage; vinyl can diminish and dry, and fade; cloth can fade and shrink. Both must be cleaned and maintained carefully. Here are some tips on how to optimally maintain your convertible top.

Clean it quickly

Allowing pollutants to settle into your tent’s cloth is one of the most common ways for their damage. Pretty much every type of top made from cloth or vinyl must be cleaned whenever it gets dirty. All tops made from such material must be promptly cleaned once you notice stains from bird droppings, bug waste, sap, or other contaminants. Inspect your top regularly to uncover signs of soiling. Treat the problem promptly, before the issue has progressed too far.

Stay out of the sun

The sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage any vehicle surface, including your convertible roof. During the summer, the sun’s bright rays can make your car a good place to spend a day washing, but it doesn’t help the process. In sunlight, you should not allow a car wash soap to dry on any surface, and should offer your convertible top a thorough cleaning and conditioning quite possibly inside.

Bring on the brushes

A certified car detailing professional will tell you that the abundance of car wash brushes is crucial when cleaning a vehicle. That suggestion is also relevant to your top. Any paint brush is definitely not enough. You need a special brush to brush your wheels, a different brush for all of the tires, and hot bristles for the job. A high-quality wire bristle brush (made of horsehair or Nylex, for example) is highly gentle on your upholstery and prevents damage to the design of your vinyl top.

Taking Care Of Your Convertible Top | Sun Auto Service

Draw out the debris

Debris and soil end up being stuck along the seams, around the rear window, and under the bottom of convertible tops. It is recommended to blow off the wetted top by hand and brush or vacuum the top afterward. The wetted top is particularly susceptible to mud and dust that settles into the weave and acts as an abrasive.

Wet the whole top

Anyone who’s tried cleaning a spot out of a cloth car seat knows that, although the entire spot might disappear, it’ll leave behind a larger stain. So, you must clean the entire seat, and wet the entire section you are cleaning. Convertible tops have the same problem. Attempting to spot stains in a top often leaves behind trapeze marks or holes from prolonged drying. Soak the complete top in water and watch it remain wet as you clean it. Give it time to dry and thoroughly rinse afterward.

Careful with the chemicals

Whether you travel to an automatic car wash or schedule maintenance in advance at a detailing service, your car will need an assortment of cleansers, conditioners, and other lubricants for a quality job. It can range from rinseless car wash soap to waterproof sealants for tires to conditioners for leather seats. It is crucial to clean your roadster top carefully to ensure it is preserved and protected. In such a case, it is a great idea to use the same car wash soap you use to wash your tires to wash the top, as long as the top does not contain gloss enhancers. Wipers and other cleaning products (ammonia, bleach, alcohol, vinegar, detergent, etc.) should never be used on your convertible top.

In conclusion, convertible tops are an important part of our vehicle. We have to keep them clean, lubricated, and in proper order. As you noted, here are some tips for keeping yours in good shape.